Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday midday (23 OCT 07)

In the midst of cleaning and organizing and checking evacuation reports, I log onto my online mountain bike forums to see what my friends in the area, and across the country have to say. Alfonso, who works for SDG&E posted this photo overlooking the Otay Town Center, not far from his house.
Alf's house is less than 3 miles from mine. Using simple math, if the winds continue to blow at 30 mhp, and evacuations have been issued for areas east of Hunt Parkway (10 miles from us), that means we'll be evacuated before the afternoon.

One thing that gives me great courage is being surrounded by these amazing San Diegans, who have a collective attitude of, "Do what you gotta do," and "It is what it is." Already volunteers have shown up at various shelters with homemade sandwiches and positive attitudes. When asked what they came to do, they told the reporter that, "Well, we figured someone might need our help, so we came."

So, in the sense that there is a huge loss of property and destruction, yeah, it's really bad here. But in terms of attitude and strength and courage, it's really good here.

Please keep us in your prayers, that the winds will die down quickly, that the dew point will increase and humidity will rise, and that people will continue to find the best in themselves through this.

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