Friday, October 26, 2007

Firefighters - Wednesday (24 OCT 07)

Early this morning when I go to the coffee shop, I find the Bonita-Sunnyside firefighters at Donny's Cafe heckling Donny about how Starbucks had brought them coffee the day before. Seeing them there, I am overcome with emotion.

I am still in my house because they are going out on the burning hillside and have chosen to put their lives on the line. I walk straight up to the closest firefighter to me, take him by the shoulders and manage to choke out, "Thank you," then hug him briefly, look at him and smile, and move straight to the second one. Tears well in my eyes as I hug him too, "Thank you for working so hard," and so on to the third young man, "Thank you for saving my home," and then I thank the captain, who greets me with a warm smile.

They ask me where I live, and then comment that I should be in no danger now. Of course I've always had great respect for firemen, but I have a larger place in my heart now that I have been so close to the horror. We are so very blessed.

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