Friday, October 26, 2007

Qualcomm - evacuation central

This was one of the truly remarkable aspect of the San Diego County fires: the scenes from Qualcomm Stadium of evacuees, volunteers, and county officials.

Almost as soon as the call when out, people waited in lines up to 2 hours just to drop off the bottles of water and juice and bags of dog food, etc, that they had purchased at CostCo and taken to the evacuees. had to issue a statement that there were more volunteers available to work than there were opportunities to volunteer. By Wednesday afternoon, county officials were asking people NOT to bring any more supplies, because they were full to capacity, and had no place to store things.

What is most remarkable to me about the photos of the overflowing supplies at Qualcomm is that none of it was supplied by the government - it was all the citizenry taking care of its own. I love this town.

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