Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tales from Interbike... riding the BMX track in 2-inch pumps

It's high time I caught up on my story-telling. Here's a highlight from the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas back in September.

It all started when I showed my Giant rep pictures from the San Diego Midnight Madness ride that I did in a business suit and clip-compatible pumps. His face lit up and his jaw fell open with an "Aaaaahh! Hahahaha!!", then abruptly he became silent, blinked, and looked up from the computer screen with a serious and expressionless face. He said he wouldn't really be impressed until I showed up like that at dirt demo.

Interbike Dirt Demo!

It would have never occurred to me, but it was brilliant. People in the "real world" don't seem to really appreciate the humor in stuff like mechanically attaching your body to your bike while wearing high-heeled pumps. It's more of an off-the-charts bizarre thing that non-bike people tend to see and just shake their heads. At Dirt Demo it would be truly amusing, and everyone would enjoy it. So, because silliness is not something you should ever keep to yourself, here are pics from the escapade.

Procuring the bike - a Spot 29er belt drive

The shoes - many thanks to Crank Brothers, who make these great pontoon cleats...

Gotta hit the trail...

I had a great ride on course #1, then had to hit the BMX track.

Any day I can ride my bike is a good day. It's a bonus when other people get a grin from it. :)


Laura said...

Way to impress Laura ! eagerly awaiting tales of more escapades "silliness is not something you should ever keep to yourself" great quote and we are ever thankful to live that vicariously through your blog


slate said...

You are a wonderful lady and Sunny very much fits you. You bring that energy with you and I for one appreciate that. Thanks for being who you are. I look forward to seeing you at the next bike venue.